Armento Panetta Attilio

was born in 1919 in Bernalda, Province of Matera. Son of Achille Armento and Maria Panetta. He arrived in Agua Buena in 1957. He was with his wife Anna Sarli Vena (Nina), born in 1925 in San Mauro Forte, Province of Matera, daughter of Francesco Sarli and Angela Vena. They formed the Armento Sarli Family. Their children Achille and Rossana, born in Bernalda accompanied them on their voyage. He formed a partnership called Metaponto together with brothers Francesco and Domenico Stigliano. When the partnership was dissolved, he was given an area planted with coffee and another in forest, part of which he used for pastureland, where he developed livestock farming. He was a merchant in Agua Buena, with his wife he managed the “Almacén el Alto”, where they also projected movies. He was General Manager of the cooperatives Coopabuena R.L. and Coopro San Vito R.L., both coffee processing companies.

Región de origen:

Reseña escrita por la familia:

My father's name was Attilio Armento Panetta, born in Bernarda, Mattera in 1919. He was the son of Achille Armento and Teresa Panetta. My grandfather Achille was a doctor in the same place. My father also studied medicine, but when the war came, he had to interrupt his studies and took care of the family farm. On one occasion he attended a wedding and there he met my mother Anna Sarli Vena (known as Nina). She was born in a small nearby village called San Mauro Forte in .....

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