Cianfanelli Petrucci Marcello

Cianfanelli Petrucci Marcello was born in 1922 in Ariccia, Province of Rome, the son of Enrico Cianfanelli and Evelina Petrucci. He arrived in Costa Rica in 1952 to work for CICAIL (Cia Italo Costarricense de Agricultura e Industria) in Moravia de Chirripó. Later that year, he transitioned to work in the San Vito Colony. His family joined him in September 1952, being among the first three families to arrive in the fledgling colony. His wife, Bruna Sordini, born in 1930 in Ariccia, Province of Rome, and their son Massimo, were part of this initial group. The family expanded with the births of Enrica Patricia, Vincenzo, Elisabetta Antonella, Sandra Deborah, and Roberto Evelino, all born in Costa Rica. Marcello worked as a driver for SICA and was one of the three truck drivers involved in the construction of the San Vito Giulio Sansonetti airport. He also engaged in grocery trade, transportation of goods, and coffee farming. The family returned to Italy in 1960 but came back to Costa Rica in 1964.

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