Aloisio Chiarelli Palmo

He was born in 1913 in Mottola, Province of Taranto. Son of Leonardo Aloisio and Pascua Chiarelli. He arrived in San Vito in 1954. He was accompanied by his wife Maria Trulli born in 1920, in Ginosa, Province of Taranto, whom he had married in 1945, forming the Aloisio Trulli Family. He was accompanied by his daughters Lina and Vita, born in Italy. And in San Vito his other daughters Giussepina and Olga were born. He oversaw stone extraction in the quarries for the construction of the first roads. Together with Francesco Altamura Ceciliano he made the first contract to produce stones for the roads in the quarry of Las Cruces. For several years they managed the Hotel El Ceibo and then in 1970 the whole family moved to San José, where they set up their restaurant. Palmo and Maria died in Costa Rica.

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