Ulcigrai Menis Giordano

Born on August 4, 1925, in Isola d’Trieste, Province of Trieste. He arrived at the San Vito Colony in March 1955, accompanied by his wife Livia Dandri Vascotto, born in Isola d’Trieste, Province of Trieste, and their son Giampaolo. The family group also included his in-laws Livio Dandri Trani and Caterina Vascotto, and his sisters-in-law Adriana, Onorina, and Marina. Additionally, his brother Erno Dino Ulcigrai Menis was part of the group. In San Vito, the Ulcigrai Dandri family welcomed the birth of their daughter Sandra. Giordano worked as a carpenter, mechanic, and later became a coffee farmer. The remains of Giordano and Livia rest in the San Vito cemetery.

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