Zavagli Ricciardelli Umberto

Born in Rimini (Emilia Romagna) on August 30, 1926, he earned a Doctorate in Jurisprudence. Despite his academic background, he possessed a deep sensitivity to agriculture, given his family's involvement in the production and marketing of wine in Italy. In 1952, he learned about the SICA project and the Sansonetti family in Costa Rica. Inspired, he decided to undertake a similar venture, focusing on coffee cultivation in the area known as San Vito de Java at that time. His first trip was in 1956, during which he, along with a group of partners, acquired land to establish Hacienda El Cedro. The initial period was challenging, as it was for all settlers, involving clearing mountains and creating trails for vehicle passage. Subsequently, along with his partners, he founded the Compañía Agrícola Industrial del Sur (CAIS) and established a coffee processing facility. After this initial stage, he returned to Italy to manage family businesses and his professional responsibilities, coming back to Costa Rica in 1958 and 1960. In 1960, he met Virginia Castro Salazar, who would become his wife. They married on November 30 of that year in the city of San José at the Church of Santa Teresita, officiated by Father Umberto Melloni. He then moved to reside in Italy, specifically in the cities of Rome and Monza, where his children Alessandro (1961) and Valentina (1964) were born. He returned to San Vito for short periods in 1962 and 1971 until making San José his permanent residence in 1973. He diversified into various businesses in real estate and ventured into the fast-food sector. His association with the investments he made in San Vito concluded definitively in the mid-1980s. Among his closest associates during his colonial years, notable individuals include Luigi Laurencich, Luigi Minelli, Alessandro Muzzi, Luciano Lussi, Alessandro Poma Murialdo, Camillo Cusani Visconti, Ruggero Castaldini, and Erno Dino Ulcigrai. He passed away in San José on September 10, 2005.

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