Ulcigrai Menis Erno Dino

He was born in 1935 in Isola d’Trieste, Province of Trieste. He arrived as a bachelor in San Vito in 1955, accompanied by his brother Giordano, his wife Livia, and the Dandri family, including sisters-in-law Adriana, Onorina, and Marina. Also joining them were the in-laws Livio Dandri Trani and Caterina Vascotto. He married Elizabet Abarca Laurito in San Vito, and their children are Mónica, Roberto, and Carlo Ulcigrai Abarca. In San Vito, he served as the coffee benefit administrator, in addition to being a coffee farmer and livestock breeder.

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Reseña escrita por la familia:

Born in Isola Ístria, northeastern Italy, on the Adriatic Sea, on October 10, 1935, Erno Dino Ulcigrai Menis was the son of Nicola Ulcigrai and Stela Menis. His father was a fisherman, and his mother worked in a tomato paste factory. In his youth, Erno was a passionate football player known for his speed and powerful right kick, making him highly sought after. His education was basic, with a focus on accounting. As Europe was devastated by World War II, Erno decided to emigrate to Costa Rica. He embarked on the Transatlantic Etna with his brother Giordano Ulcigrai Menis, sister-in-law Livia Dandri Vascoto, and nephew Gianpaolo Ulcigrai Dandri, along with other Italians seeking a new life. They sailed from Genoa to the Americas, crossing the .............

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